Accelerate Your Success

Five online, coaching modules to develop confidence and ensure you are business ready.

Your Modules:

  • Loosen Up For Better Results - learn how to find balance and calm when dealing with the daily pressures of business and life 
  • Create Fast and Lasting Change - learn how to stay motivated and make the best choices to more your business forward
  • Step up and Step Out - learn how to not listen to your inner critic and find your confident stage voice
  • Selling with Service - learn how to remove negativity around selling and build a customer base of raving fans
  • Design your Destiny - learn how to put the steps in place to achieve the life of your dreams

Total Value $1485

Your Price $497

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Bonus Offers

  • 3 x 1 hour Personal Coaching Sessions
  • 12 Months Email Access to Answer any Questions
  • A Copy of Good Girls do Sell, The Modern Business Womans Guide to Authentic Selling
  • Work Book & Action Plan

Total Value $2375 + 5 Modules valued at $1485 = TOTAL VALUE $3860

Your Price is $497 for Everything!

  #1 Loosen Up for Better Results

Discover why success in your business (and life) is all about how you manage the chaos, detox the negative and take responsibility for your results.

#2 Create Fast and Lasting Change 

In this module you will learn why your why counts, how to creat balance in a busy life and the top techniques to live with intention. 

#3 Step Up & Step Out

Learn techniques to present like a pro with boundless confidence incorporating advanced presenting methods. 

20% of Bussinesses Fail in the first year. Being prepared is key when starting out in business. 

Participating in the Accelerated Success Mastermind Program will ensure you are prepared with the best tools to avoid overload, overcome self-doubt and develop as a strong, skilled and confident communicator with a clear destination.


#4 Selling with Service  

Learn Authentic Selling Techniques how to OPEN a Conversation and CLOSE a Sale 

Discover the reason people will (or wont) buy from you and how to have effective sales conversations with prospects through improved rapport building techniques.  

#5 Design Your Destiny 

When you have the confidence to dare to succeed, find your resilience within and apply the practices of the worlds greatest thought leaders, you have a better chance than most people starting out in small business to achieve the life of your dreams.

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